Versing - Nirvana (Cassette, CD)

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Versing's debut LP Nirvana is now available. Tapes will ship via USPS and will include a download code in the case. CDs also available courtesy of Decency Den Records.

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Cassette - $7
CD - $12


The members of Versing — Salas and Graham Baker on hook-and-jab guitars, bassist Kirby Lochner and drummer Max Keyes bobbing and weaving — came together in the gravity of the college radio station KUPS in Tacoma, WA in 2013. The band moved to Seattle the next year and have proven themselves one of the city’s hardest-working bands, logging a relentless itinerary of ferocious live performances in clubs, bars, basements, lofts, pizza parlors, and other spaces in the Pacific Northwest and along the West Coast.

Out on September 29, 2017, Versing's debut Nirvana album is being released by Help Yourself on cassette and Decency Den on CD. Versing continues barnstorming the Puget Sound, and plans two upcoming tours: in August 2017 with Seattle's Hoop and supporting the album in October 2017 with The Courtneys (Flying Nun).

Stream the single "Radio Kinski" before you buy: 

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